Small can certainly be beautiful!

In the Autumn edition of Cutting Edge we cryptically previewed our new “Standard Micro Unit”.  “Cryptically” because we included no photographs of the unit, so that those who saw it at the Exhibition would be getting a “premier” view.  It would be fair to say those who saw it were suitably impressed!

We have tried at various times in our history, as both Whitfield Wylie and Standard Engineering to help shoe repairers free-up more space within crowded shops for diversification.  Standard released the Puma finisher, whilst Whitfield unleased the 750 finisher.  Both machines had their advocates, but neither really set the world alight.

Even with a small finisher, the press, benching area remained prohibitively large.  A regular pressbench unit could end up being as large as the finisher.  Using just a press meant the cobbler had to find room also for a heel bar last stand.  Again, defeating the object!

Now we can offer a new finisher / pressbench combination, based around the 750 finisher design, giving familiar tooling and operation to anyone who has ever used one of our machines.  This new Standard Micro Unit really lives up to it’s name.  The overall length of the finisher and pressbench is 135cm, or 4 foot 5 inches in old money.  This is exactly the same overall length of our 700 range of finishers on their own!  Fully specified equipment at a reasonable price, made to order.  Sounds too good to be true!

If you’re passing Kettering, pop by and give the machine try out.  We’ll put the kettle on!  

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